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Ontario's Glamping Getaway




Property Type:  Glamping

Season:  May -October

Accommodations:  ​ 20

Types of Accommodations:  Tents/Cabin

Environment:  Forest / Woods

Nearest Airport:  Toronto Pearson Airport


Starting Rates:  $ 199   USD



  • Recycling Services

  • Locally Sourced Food

  • Water Conservation Methods

  • Energy Efficient Lighting

  • Solar Power

  • Housekeeping


  • Showers in Room

  • Showers Communal

  • Toilets in Room

  • Restaurant on Property

  • Room Service

  • Pool

  • Hot Tub

  • Lounge Areas

  • Hiking trails

  • Communal Campfires

  • Water Activities


  • Yoga

  • Massage

  • Hiking Trails

  • Pool

  • Hot Tub

  • Lawn Games

  • Pond Activities (Paddle Board & Canoe)

  • Beach Volleyball

  • Badminton

  • Fitness Trail

Refuge from the Stresses  of Modern Life

At Whispering Springs Wilderness Retreat,  the goal is to preserve the quintessential camping experience, with a few deluxe upgrades. Lounge by the fire in their rustic and lodge-inspired guest pavilion, or explore 200 acres of pristine wilderness--from dense old growth forests, to stunning vistas of Lake Ontario and Northumberland County. Whispering Springs Wilderness Retreat's elegant safari tents, with private en-suite washrooms, allow you to feel connected to nature without compromising comfort and convenience. With picturesque amenities and unique accommodations, you will find a refuge from the stresses of modern life, a place to reconnect with the natural world, and a return to simplified living. Prepare for a new way of experiencing the great outdoors. King-sized beds instead of sleeping bags, mood lighting instead of flashlights, and a wine glass instead of a canteen – this is camping like you’ve never experienced.

Their Eco Story

Ten years ago John and Nancy Corcoran decided that their lives needed a change of pace. They sold their dream home in Ontario and most of their possessions, bought a sailboat (learning how to sail in the process) and spent the next few years exploring the islands of The Bahamas. However, one of the few things they decided to hold onto was 200 acres of pristine wilderness in the heart of Northumberland County. The Corcoran’s first learned about the burgeoning trend of glamping or luxury camping in 2015, and immediately knew it would be the perfect fit for their property.

When designing and envisioning Whispering Springs Wilderness Retreat the Corcoran’s aim was very simple: to create a place in which individuals could slow down and reconnect with family, friends and the great outdoors. Understanding that the traditional camping experience is not for everyone, Whispering Springs Wilderness Retreat bridges the gap between camping and the desire for comfort, allowing individuals to experience the great outdoors in style and sophistication. 

John and Nancy Corcoran bring to Whispering Springs Wilderness Retreat extensive experience in the hospitality sector. John and Nancy were key contributors to the renovation of Ste. Anne’s Inn and Spa in the 1980’s and ran it as a B&B before embarking on other business endeavors. After raising her children, Nancy returned to Ste. Anne’s Spa and was the Innkeeper for a number of years before moving to The Bahamas.


Over the past few years, John and Nancy have been conducting charters on their 50-foot sailboat, sharing their passion for sea life and Bahamian living with their guests. Now, with Whispering Springs Wilderness Retreat, they would like to share their love of the Canadian countryside and Northumberland County, and provide guests with a unique and unforgettable wilderness escape. 

From weddings and corporate events to luxury wellness retreats, Whispering Springs offers guests a unique way in which to reconnect with themselves, those around them and the great outdoors.

Eco Practices


  • Minimize physical, social, behavioral and psychological impacts

  • Design, construct and operate low-impact facilities

  • Build environmental and cultural awareness and respect

  • Provide positive experiences for both visitors and hosts

  • Provide financial benefits & empowerment for local people

Please VISIT WHISPERING SPRINGS WILDERNESS RETREAT to book directly with the property