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A Unique Costa Rica Eco Lodge Experience




Property Type:  Eco Lodge

Season:  All Year Around

Accommodations:  ​ 6

Types of Accommodations:  Tree House

Environment:  Ocean Front

Nearest Airport:  Quepos


Starting Rates:  $180 USD



  • Renewable Energy Sources

  • Recycling Services

  • Water Conservations Methods

  • Energy Efficient Lighting

  • Housekeeping


  • Showers in Room

  • Toilets in Room

  • Jacuzzi in all Houses

  • Airport Shuttle/Transfer

  • Reception

  • Air Conditioning

  • Safe

  • Kitchen in all Houses

  • Towels


  • Canopy

  • Guided Jungle Tour

  • Horseback Riding

  • Yoga

  • Massage

  • Chocolate Tour

Eco Practices


  • Minimize physical, social, behavioral and psychological impacts

  • Design, construct and operate low-impact facilities

  • Build environmental and cultural awareness and respect

  • Provide financial benefits for Conservation

  • Provide positive experiences for both visitors and hosts

  • Deliver memorable interpretive/educational experiences to visitors

  • Raise sensitivities to host countries political, environmental and social climate

A 10-acre Oceanfront Eco Lodge with Imaginative Ecological Buildings Nestled on the Edge of Wildlife Refuge

The Tree House Lodge is a 10-acre oceanfront ecolodge to the south of Puerto Viejo on Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast.  They’ve created an ideal blend of imaginative ecological buildings, complete with a Tree House, and natural scenery for you to enjoy. All nestled in Playa Chiquita on the edge of the Gandoca-Manzanillo wildlife refuge of Costa Rica

Featuring just six open-air houses hidden away in the nature, steps from the white sands of Punta Uva beach. You’ll enjoy all the luxuries of an ecolodge with a friendly personalized touch. The Tree House Lodge is perfect for couples and families who wish to stay in a real Costa Rican authentic experiences and are looking for an off the beaten path destination that offers more than the typical luxury hotel experience alone.

  • Beach House

    • Built entirely from fallen Nispero (loquat) trees that oxen dragged from deep in the rainforest, the Beach House lies 80m from the shoreline, so you can actually lie in bed and watch waves lap the beach.

  • Beach Suite

    • The Beach Suite, an original and striking building from the outside due to its futuristic look, full of unusual shapes and colors and a place that really surprises with the size of its bathroom and the creativity of its design.

  • Crystal House

    • This house is a magical fantasy surrounded by recycled art and nature incorporated. The House has two bedrooms and sleeps up to 6 people. 

  • Garden House

    • The Garden House is built almost entirely from bamboo and sleeps 4 people in 1 kingsize and 1 queen size bedroom.

  • Tree House

    • Built on tall stilts, this back-to-your-childhood house is submerged by the forest, with a sloped wooden suspension bridge leading steeply to its front door. 

  • The School Bus

    • The latest addition to Tree House Lodge’s collection of imaginative houses, The School Bus, is an up-cycled 1980-era bus re-purposed into a visually stimulating creative space nestled in lush garden, at once inspiring and relaxing.


The Tree House Lodge is not close to nature… they are part of nature.

Their Eco Story

Since 1998, when they began their project at Tree House lodge, they have always had several important goals in mind: to leave the minimum possible trace of our existence and to be as eco-friendly and sustainable as a small eco lodge could. Since the beginning of their adventure at the Iguana Foundation and the Tree House Lodge, they have concentrated on an ambitious plan of recycling and regeneration, social consciousness and education.

The Costa Rica Tree House Lodge is an active member of several associations that work for the benefit of the community in areas such as infrastructure, culture, education, health, security, sustainable tourism and environment protection. Some of the associations that the Tree House Lodge plays an active participation and or board membership with are :

  • Arechipu (local association in charge of the beach surveillance program)

  • Colac, (local committee and Governmental organization to achieve better standard of living in the community and legal support)

  • Adecomaga (local development Association which comes up for the interests of the members within the Gandoca-Manzanillo Wildlife refuge)

  • Adela (Association against petrol activity on the Southern Caribbean coast)

  • Cooperativa Talamanca Sostenible (Cooperation supporting alternative energy alternatives in Talamanca)

Tree House Lodge Sustainable Rules

  • Tree House lodge prohibits the feeding of any animal. This will interrupt their natural habitat and habits and can infect them with viruses or bacteria, and can cause these animals to become dependent on humans.

  • It is prohibited at Tree House Lodge to hunt any wild animals. 

  • Leave natural areas pristine and beautiful, with no trash left behind during your visit.

  • Tree House Lodge prohibits the extraction of any flora out of protected areas or nearby beaches. Samples of plants, branches, flowers or seashells found on their paths, nature trails or along the sand may not be removed.

Tree House Lodge Sustainable Initiatives

  • Their is water is resourced by gravity, so no energy is wasted for this purpose

  • Their water is heated with solar panels on the roofs, and is stored in isolated tanks for use

  • Their septic tanks are kept clean applying bacteria to break down all the organic residues

  • All the detergents used for laundry are biodegradable

  • All the cleaning materials are biodegradable

  • Their septic tanks are kept clean by applying bacteria to break down the organic residues

  • Their wastewater is cleaned by water lilies.

  • They produce their own organic fertilizer using worms to make the compost

  • No insecticides and pesticides are used at the lodge

  • No animal feeders are used by the lodge

  • They recycle their waste in different categories: glass, paper and carton, plastic bottles, plastic bags, cans, chemical waste (batteries and lamps), organic waste for compost, organic rest waste and general rest waste

  • Their trail lights are low and pointed towards the slope, to minimize impact on the fauna

  • Natural light is used for illumination of buildings, saving a lot of electricity

  • They are reforesting at other location owned by the same management

  • Local employees are involved as much as possible

  • All their guides are local guides

  • The lodge provides environmental education for their sustainable practices to local schools

  • They participate in local and community events

  • Local small businesses are preferred when buying food, crafts and services such as tourism, transportation, furniture design, craft making and other hotel structures, generating economic stability for the surrounding communities.

  • Their gift shop sells products from small local businesses, crafts made of recyclable materials, crafts from native groups, crafts from entrepreneur local women, organic products, and products from associations that work to protect the environment.

  • Zero tolerance policy towards activities related to sexual trade, sexual exploitation of minors, prostitution or drug trafficking. If such activities are detected, they will be reported.

  • They have implemented a water saving program in the hotel.

  • They implement energy saving programs

  • They  use a solid waste management program

  • They offer a library with information about the flora and the fauna of Costa Rica as well as brochures promoting natural protected areas in Costa Rica

  • Their tour and activities are selected for guests tointeract with the surrounding natural environment and the community

Green Iguana Foundation

The Tree House Lodge is host of the Green Iguana Foundation. The green iguana is locally endangered. the new born Iguanas are released in the nearby wildlife refuge.The Iguana Foundation is open to everyone.

Please VISIT TREE HOUSE LODGE to book directly with the property