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Discover One of Africa’s Last Unspoilt Wilderness Beaches




Property Type:  Eco Resort

Season:  All Year Around

Accommodations:  ​ 12

Types of Accommodations:  Hotel Rooms

Environment:  Beach

Nearest Airport:  Nightsbridge

Starting Rates:  $288 USD



  • Recycling Services

  • Locally Sourced Food

  • Water Conservation Methods

  • Energy Efficient Lighting

  • Solar Power

  • Housekeeping


  • Showers in Room

  • Toilets in Room

  • Restaurant on Property

  • Airport Shuttle/Transfer

  • Baths in Family and Deluxe Rooms

  • Outdoor Showers in Deluxe Rooms

  • Air Conditioning in all Rooms

  • Overhead Fans in all Rooms

  • Mini-bar

  • Tea/Coffee Making

  • Bar on site


  • Forest Walks

  • Guided Kayaking on nearly Freshwater Lake

  • Guided Sundowner Excursions to nearby Lake

  • Hippo Sightings

  • Birding Trips

  • Cultural Tours

  • Scuba Diving

  • Ocean Experiences

  • Snorkeling

  • Turtle Tracking (November-March)

  • Whale Watching (June-October)

  • Spa on Site

Eco Practices


  • Minimize physical, social, behavioral and psychological impacts

  • Design, construct and operate low-impact facilities

  • Build environmental and cultural awareness and respect

  • Provide financial benefits for Conservation

  • Provide positive experiences for both visitors and hosts

  • Provide financial benefits & empowerment for local people

  • Deliver memorable interpretive/educational experiences to visitors

  • Raise sensitivities to host countries political, environmental and social climate

Set on the Pristine Shores of the Elephant Coast, KwaZulu-Natal

Thonga Beach Lodge is set on the pristine shores of the Elephant Coast, KwaZulu-Natal. This 24 bed luxury lodge is the ideal place to discover one of Africa’s last unspoiled wilderness beaches. It is a magical place of coastal forests, grasslands, bush, shimmering lakes and exquisite sandy beaches. Its crystal clear, warm waters offer South Africa’s best snorkeling and excellent off-shore scuba diving and excellent birding opportunities. Guided birding, scorpion & spider walks & Turtle Tracking are offered in season. The 12 thatched bush suites offer either Ocean or Forest Views with Deluxe Ocean Views room sporting private plunge pools. The suites are positioned to afford maximum privacy & minimal environmental impact.  Excellent cuisine is enjoyed al fresco on the dining deck or beach deck overlooking the sea. This is an ideal choice for honeymooners, families, SCUBA divers or anyone who wants to simply relax. A civilized distance from civilization.

Their Eco Story

A resort deep in the eco philosophy and execution, as 88% of their employees are employed from the local Mabibi community.  The community owns 63% of the buildings.


  • Staff Training
    Approximately 50% of the lodge employees were previously unemployed and had no previous work experience.  They are now trained & working in a high end ecotourist lodge. 
    Isibindi Africa has transferred numerous skills which have changed lives. Up skilling of their staff not only improves guest service but makes the employee more employable; occasionally staff will leave the lodge to seek other employment that offers a higher wage or more opportunities. In house exchange training occurs throughout the lodges; staff visit the other Isibindi Africa Lodges and are up skilled, this is reciprocated.

  • Mabibi School Feeding Scheme
    140 children once a day or once a week hot meal
    (approx cost is R2500 per week)

  • Mabibi School 

    • A specialist teacher  visits once a term for a few days to support standards and provides advice, as well TBL pays 2 assistant teacher’s salaries

    • They have bought school supplies, provide upkeep and maintenance on the buildings

  • Project Pack for a Purpose

    • Lodge guests donate toiletries, clothing, stationary, toys etc. which they then present to the community themselves

  • Arts and Craftware

    • The community crafters display their crafts at the lodge and campsite for sale to guests

    • The lodge regularly purchase craftwork for use in the lodge (baskets, grass mats, beaded jug covers etc)

    • Artwork made from recycled rubbish is displayed in the lodge


  • Turtle Protection

    • An Isimangaliso turtle concession allows their guides to assist in the monitoring of turtles on the protected coastline.

    • Their well resourced and trained guides are able to report any poaching or threat to the turtles, to the Isimangaliso authorities. and assist with turtle release programs.

    • They pay the iSimangaliso Park a significant concession fee which supports their conservation initiatives and goes towards maintaining this world heritage site renowned ecosystem. 

    • Their marine centre guides who conduct snorkeling, diving, whale and dolphin and turtle excursions educate their guests from all corners of the globe on the conservation work being done on this coastline.  

  • Water Conservation

    • The lodge is on a constant drive to reduce water usage including signage in bathrooms to remind  guests of restricting water usage in showers, baths and laundry 

  • Lighting

    • The lodge makes use of energy efficient bulbs. lighting cannot be viewed from the beach as it disturbs turtle beaching patterns.

  • Reduction of Single Use Plastics

  • Take Trash - Leave Tracks

    • Recycled hessian bags offered to guests to collect beach litter, which is used to make art by the community and is displayed in the marine centre. Guests given a free cocktail as an incentive

  • Water Supply

    • Thonga Beach Lodges manages and helps fund the supply of clean water to the whole Mabibi community. They supply water close to each of the 800 Mabibi households. This amounts to an excess of 80 000 litres of water a month

Part of the Isibindi Africa Lodges

Please VISIT THONGA BEACH LODGE to book directly with the property