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Where the Mountains meet the Sea 




Property Type:  Eco Resort

Season:  Open all year-round

Accommodations:  ​ 3

Types of Accommodations:  Cabin

Environment:  Forest/Mountains/Islands/Beachfron

Nearest Airport:  Anchorage International to Homer Airport


Starting Rates:  $10,000  USD for 3 Nights



  • Renewable Energy Sources

  • Recycling Services

  • Locally Sourced Food

  • Water Conservation Methods

  • Energy Efficient Lighting

  • Housekeeping

  • Hydro-electric system that powers the entire camp noiselessly


  • Showers  Communal

  • Toilets in Room

  • Room-Service

  • Full-service includes all houekeepin, gourmet meals in-house, Alaskan library


  • Bear viewing

  • Charter fishing

  • Relaxing self-guided fishing from the shore with all gear included

  • Glacier hikes

  • Forest hikes

  • Beach combing

  • Tidepooling

  • Clam and mussel digging

  • Flights seeing

  • Volcano tours

  • Eco tours.

Eco Practices


  • Minimize physical, social, behavioral and psychological impacts

  • Design, construct and operate low-impact facilities

  • Build environmental and cultural awareness and respect

  • Provide positive experiences for both visitors and hosts

  • Provide financial benefits for conservation

  • Provide financial benefits & empowerment for local people

  • Deliver memorable interpretive/educational experiences to visitors

  • Raise sensitivities to host countries' political, environmental and social climate

  • Learning to love with less while living in comfort

What one man can do with imagination,

perseverance, and determination

Alaska’s Sadie Cove Wilderness Lodge  is a world class, full service Eco-Resort surrounded by Kachemak Bay State Park 10 boat miles from Homer, Alaska. Serving small groups of 6 to 8, Sadie Cove offers a unique opportunity to share in an Alaskan wilderness lifestyle in comfort and style. It is Alaska Reality in a private, beachfront, family run lodge and year-round home serving couples, families, and groups, and offering the entire lodge to private parties of 6 or more.

Built entirely by hand from local driftwood, the lodge is a testament to what one man can do with imagination, perseverance, and determination. Winner of several eco awards for our practices, adventure tours, and preservation of our ecosystem, guests enjoy gourmet meals while watching sea life in our”front yard” - the waters of Sadie Cove Fjord. All private cabins, log cabin sauna and plunge pool, hiking trails into State Park forests of old growth spruce trees, splendid views of Bald Eagles right from your private cabin deck, and time to lay back, relax, and take in what nature has to offer.

The atmosphere is laid back, peaceful, and extraordinarily different from the buzz of everyday life - a great place for a wedding, a honeymoon, a holiday, a family reunion, or a long-needed rest.

Activities include bear viewing, whale watching, eco-tours, beach combing, hiking secret nature trails for use of lodge guests only, wildlife photography, sea kayaking, glacier kayaking, river rafting, clamming, fishing, touring the neighboring villages of Seldovia and Halibut Cove, glacier touring, flight seeing, beach fires, saunas, or just relaxing in the hammock with a good book. Sea kayaks and shore-fishing gear are provided to guests at no extra charge. Full of character in every aspect, Sadie Cove is unique, personal, fun, adventurous, and positively memorable.

Through the years, Sadie Cove Wilderness Lodge has attracted artists, writers, ecologists, conservationists, adventurers, and peace-seekers alike yearning to experience the beauty, friendship, service, and tranquility that can be found at this very special place.

The Eco Story

Sadie Cove Wilderness Lodge was custom built in the mid 1970's from driftwood that was salvaged from the beaches of Kachemak Bay and milled by hand, piece by piece, into lumber by owner/artist Keith Iverson. It was all put in place in its natural state without preservatives, oils, or chemicals of any kind. This organic architecture has created a one-of-a-kind lodge that blends naturally into the surrounding environment. To retain the peaceful atmosphere of the wilderness and diminish the impact of tourism on the place in which they live, they purposely keep their lodge small and serve a small number of overnight guests only.


Sadie Cove Wilderness Lodge's environmental mission is to operate their lodging business in a manner that is consistent with their wilderness setting. They provide visitors to the Kenai Peninsula region of Alaska with a lodging option that is right in the heart of the Alaska wilderness, living with the wilderness.

Beyond its environmentally sensitive power and water supplies, the lodge does not use any polluting fertilizers, preservatives or cleaning chemicals that could foul the pristine waters off Sadie Cove. Also, the three R’s (reduce, reuse, recycle) is a mantra for Iverson and his staff. “For example, we use gallon-sized milk containers for our lettuce greenhouse planters, and when the containers become so damaged by UV rays that they are no longer practical, we bring them to town where they are recycled,” says Iverson.


Old ropes from fishing vessels are used for handrails, discarded PVC pipe from Homer is split and used for rain gutters and small open boats that have served out their days at sea are retired and used for raised garden beds.


Bald eagles are in the welcoming party when you fly in to Sadie Cove.

Iverson has worked to ensure that his lodge meets the stringent environmental standards of Green Globe 21, a program that monitors and certifies sustainable operations in the tourism industry according to standards set at 1992’s Rio Earth Summit. Iverson’s property is the only wilderness lodge in Alaska to be recognized by the state for its recycling and reuse policies and practices.

How it’s built:  Handmade cabins from milled local driftwood.

Alternative energy:  Hydroelectric power from a stream; wind-power backup.

Conservation practices:  Recycling, organic vegetable garden.

Benefits to local ecosystems:  Plans to get the area declared a mountain goat sanctuary.

Educational programs:  Nature walks to tidal flats and alpine valleys.

Please VISIT SADIE COVE WILDERNESS LODGE to book directly with the property