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Authentic Amazon Experience with Lavish Luxury in the Heart of the Rainforest




Property Type:  Eco Resort

Season:  All Year Around

Accommodations:  ​ 9

Types of Accommodations:  Bungalow

Environment:  Forest/ Woods/Islands

Nearest Airport:  


Starting Rates:  $    USD



  • Recycling Services

  • Locally Sourced Food

  • Energy Efficient Lighting

  • Housekeeping

  • Eco Friendly Toiletries


  • Showers in Room

  • Toilets in Room

  • Restaurant on Property

  • On Site Guided Tour

  • Airport Shuttle/Transfer

Luxury Accommodations Amenities...


  • High-Speed Boat Transfer

  • Round Trip Boat Transfer: Boca Chica and Isla Palenque

  • Tropical Island Amenities

  • Locally sourced meals daily (breakfast, lunch, dinner & snacks)

  • All non-alcoholic beverages (fresh smoothies & specialty coffee)

  • Island Orientation led by an Island Host & Concierge Service

  • Daily house-keeping & Nightly turn down service

  • Full use of facilities: Infinity Pool & Sunbeds, Hammock Lounge, 7 beaches

  • Spectacular beach access from every Casita

  • Island-Speed WIFI internet and iPADs in every Casita


  • Access to 7 secluded Beaches on Isla Palenque Resort

  • Selection of 10+ Nature Trails & Tours on the island

  • All recreational activities including Paddleboarding & Kayaking

  • Curated experiences with Island Staff:

  • Cooking Classes

  • Pastry Classes

  • Rum 101

  • Dance Workshops and more

  • Beverages, fruits & snacks for island hopping outings

  • Binoculars, field guides & re-usable water bottles

  • Yoga mat, block, & meditation cushion in every Casita

Eco Practices


  • Minimize physical, social, behavioral and psychological impacts

  • Build environmental and cultural awareness and respect

  • Provide positive experiences for both visitors and hosts

  • Provide financial benefits & empowerment for local people

  • Deliver memorable interpretive/educational experiences to visitors

  • Raise sensitivities to host countries political, environmental and social climate

The Tropical Island Experience, You’ve Been Dreaming Of

Located just off Panama’s Pacific Coast, adjacent to the protected Gulf of Chiriquí National Marine Park, Isla Palenque is a private island sanctuary to experience ‘nature in the raw’ and the Cayuga Collection’s signature symbiosis of luxury and sustainability. The island’s nearly 400 acres of lush jungle are framed by 7 pristine beaches and house a number of wilderness trails and hidden archaeological sites. Guests staying at the island’s 8 barefoot-luxury Beachfront Casitas and the Beachfront Villa Estate are free to explore every inch of the island on foot or take to the water inkayaks and SUPs.

You want the best resort in Panama. A truly untouched tropical island experience. An undiscovered, faraway place that will energize you, refresh you, and send you back home anew.  Well, Traveler. You found Isla Palenque


The heart of Isla Palenque. is their 400-acre, private, tropical island resort in the Gulf of Chiriqui, Panama in Central America. It is a rare place. Rich in primary forest, 7 secluded beaches and a sacred history of archaeological significance. Isla Palenque resort is right out of a page of your favorite, fantasy island novel. Because what is life, without a sense of wonder.


Isla Palenque was home to an ancient, pre-Columbian community. The island’s beauty and mystery made it a sacred site for the most holy of ceremonies. Indigenous tribes called it “Palenque”, meaning sanctuary. Hundreds of years later, the island continued to exist as a secluded preserve for rare primary forest and hundreds of species of plants, flowers, animals, and birds.


Robinson Caruso by Daniel Defoe. That was the book that spurred Benjamin Loomis, the owner of Isla Palenque Resort, to go live on a tropical island. For 5 years, Ben lived on Isla Palenque. He frequently slept in a hammock on the edge of Playa Palenque, completely enamored by this place and its rich, mysterious history. Ben used his knowledge as an architect and design-builder to develop the island into the best, luxury resort he could envision. The ingenious design. Artisanal furniture. All the details, extras, and add-ons offered here have been carefully determined to complement and sustain what thtey consider to be their greatest luxury amenity: Their Incredible Island.

They offer every extravagance you could want, yes. But they promise you’ll find something deeper. A place with presence, with history.

Their Eco Story

They're passionate about sharing this stunning corner of the world with you, but not at the risk of harming it. That’s why, they developed Isla Palenque with the highest standards in sustainability without sacrificing an ounce of island comfort. They utilize renewable materials for sustainable and low-impact construction. They use locally-sourced biodegradable products and serve all-organic foods. They employ local staff and educate them, their local community, and their guests in an enjoyable, inspiring way. They steep your experience in the comfort that comes from knowing you’re living in harmony with the local community and your natural surroundings.

At Isla Palenque, their dedication to sustainability guides their design, their everyday decisions and their guest experience.  From organic veggies to native flora, they keep their island green
Their food philosophy revolves around fresh, locally-sourced ingredients. That’s why they grow as much fruit, veg and herbs as they can in their island’s organic garden. They’re proud to partner with the Dock to Dish program to bring back the catch of the day. This means that they’ll receive deliveries of fresh and sustainably caught seafood from the fishermen right down the road in Boca Chica, and they’ll always be paid fairly for their hard work. They made the conscious decision to get rid of all plastic water bottles from their island. They take vast quantities of fossil fuels to produce, and are non-biodegradable. And they work hard to keep their carbon emissions as low as possible. One way they do that is by putting their Panamanian sunshine to good use through solar panels which heat water for our guest rooms.

Isla Palenque Resort is a proud member of The Cayuga Collection of Sustainable Luxury Hotels. Through its environmental awareness efforts and sustainability programs, it represents a new generation of hoteliers leading the way for intelligent luxury travel.

Please VISIT ISLA PALENQUE to book directly with the property: