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Grounded in Green-to-Extreme Eco Principles; Inspired by Spiritual Wisdom: Meditation, Yoga, Prayer and Restful Contemplation – in Silence




Property Type:  Eco Resort

Season:  All Year Around

Accommodations:  ​ 27

Types of Accommodations:  Bungalows

Environment:  Forest/Woods, Mountains, Islands

Nearest Airport:  DPS Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia


Starting Rates:  $25 - $120   USD



  • Renewable Energy Sources

  • Recycling Services

  • Locally Sourced Food

  • Water Conservation Methods

  • Energy Efficient Lighting

  • Solar Power

  • Chemical Free Organic Food

  • Housekeeping


  • Showers in Room

  • Showers Communal

  • Toilets in Room

  • Restaurant on Property

  • Airport Shuttle/Transfer

  • 100% cotton sheets 

  • Kimono

  • Quick-dry hair towels and make up towel 

  • Blank journal for writing

  • Ginger tea delivered at 5:30am

  • Organic freshly harvested and prepared food - all day including cookies, juice, fresh medicine herbs for tea (make your own)


  • Daily hotsprings

  • Nightly fire pit

  • Library of over 700 books

  • 6 different types of meditation (labyrinth, water, crystal, jungle)

  • Yoga & meditation classes

  • Weekly lectures and tours on sustainability, farming, and Balinese culture

  • 2 hour rice terrace hike

  • Balinese massage

Eco Practices


  • Minimize physical, social, behavioral and psychological impacts

  • Design, construct and operate low-impact facilities

  • Build environmental and cultural awareness and respect

  • Provide financial benefits for Conservation

  • Provide positive experiences for both visitors and hosts

  • Provide financial benefits & empowerment for local people

  • Deliver memorable interpretive/educational experiences to visitors

  • Raise sensitivities to host countries political, environmental and social climate

 More than Meditation and Yoga and Being on Retreat

Bali Silent Retreat is more than meditation and yoga and being on retreat – it’s a self-sustaining eco-sanctuary with an ashram-like restorative feeling,  plus  inspirational programs and events, including the most tasty organic food on the planet. Surrounded by Unesco protected lush rice fields, jungle, hot springs and the sacred Mt. Batu Karu, people nourish body & soul and reconnect to true self and inner voice in their own way and own time, creating a personal retreat in profound peace and silence.

   “Sleep like babies, eat like Gods, relax in total unity with nature and universe – that’s BSR; a perfect place to un-mind, un-wind, relax & reflect. Six stars!”
   — Jessica from Germany

Morning and afternoon are Yoga Asana and Meditation classes in the open air octagon tent (Bale) surrounded by the lush green of nature. Hot Springs and Temple Trips are scheduled daily. Weekly events include talks about Balinese culture and our food philosophy, as well as how to make the little offerings. Every new and full moon we perform an Agnihotra healing fire ceremony.  On your own you can explore the Labyrinth, Jungle Path, Water Meditation, Library and much more. The Programs Calendar shows all activities included in your Overnight stay and/or Day Pass.

ROOMS: 100% cotton linens, down comforters and kimonos – BSR is ashram style simplicity combined with luxury. Constructed of recycled timbers and indigenous architectures, the feeling is simple, warm, earthy, rustic, relaxing and friendly. Room choices include wooden bungalows, snug single rooms, or dormitory beds with tasteful touches and stunning views (no air con – it’s cool at night).

What to Expect
Bali Silent Retreat maintains eco-green-sustainable-off-the-grid standards while supporting the personal spiritual journey & retreat of each person in residence. Silent within a wifi-free environment allows for a digital detox  AND  for a chat-free restful contemplation within a socially supported experience. The meditation and yoga (basic Hatha postures) simply support your personal journey. Silent does not always mean quiet! Frogs at night form a joyful chorus, ceremonies in the nearby villages involve music and chanting, and the birds make some of the strangest sounds!

Internationally acclaimed! Three organic vegetarian buffets each day and an all-day grazing table (fresh fruits, cookies and herbal teas) our food is always bursting with energy! (90% vegan) Slow Food certified recipes are prepared by their Garden-to-Table chefs who pour their love and passion into every aspect of food – selecting vegetables fresh from our organic gardens to give you locally sourced and sustainable living food that has been made with love.

Their Eco Story

Bali Silent Retreat is completely and totally sustainably responsible. We take pride in supporting local businesses and the community.

“The rice fields are amazing! The gardens are a beautiful meditation unto themselves. The helpful and smiling staff. The views! The Silence. The sounds of nature. But the one factor that will bring me back to Bali Silent Retreat is the heavenly feeling here on earth.”

— Maartje, Holland

They are Green to the Extreme, including no garbage.



They don’t let any non-compost-able garbage onto the retreat. Nothing comes onto the land that can’t be composted or reused. If it slips in with a guest, such as a toothpaste tube or a battery, we ask them to take it back to their own country to bury into their own lands.

They know where all their garbage goes: kitchen foods to the village pigs and the rest is composted or recycled. There is even a special composting trough from feminine hygiene products which guests are given a special paper bag for disposal. 

Organic is an interesting word and they know that many gardeners and farmers feel that it simply means not using pesticides. For them, it means NO commercial anything; no bags of fertilizer, fungicide, herbicide, insecticide. They embrace SUSTAINABLE farming, which means saving their seeds and  strong self sustaining vegetables. They take dead clay soil and over many years resurrect it into life-giving-food.


Set out your solar light in the daytime so you have light at night. Shower when the water is hot from the sun. Drink solar distilled/purified water. Use a sarong for a towel instead of a heavy towel requiring large quantities of energy to dry.


Help pick fresh, organic vegetables for meals. Eat what you dish-up, compost waste, wash your simple dishes.


Listen to the wild-n-crazy frogs at night. Watch the stars from your balcony. Walk the jungle path, rice fields, or subak channels in the day. Awaken to surrender in a walking-meditation in the labyrinth.

DISENGAGE  Read, write, sleep, ponder, pray, meditate, take some really deep breaths.

DON’T  think for even a second about buying Balinese land . . . leave it to the Balinese and the glory of rice.

DO  engage in the the discovery of medicinal herbs, Balinese culture, our crazy green-to-the-extreme gardening experiments, combinations of fresh foraged foods with their amazing flavors, textures, and aromas, spiced with an abundance of love. Write it down. 

Off the Grid
We’re Off the Grid, using solar electricity and every possible form of catching the sun:

solar water distilling
solar herb dehydrating
solar lanterns, path lights, and motion sensor spot lights
solar desk lights
solar flashlights

Please VISIT BALI SILENT RETREAT to book directly with the property